FELA Lawsuit Pre Settlement Legal Funding

Legal Funding for Fela Lawsuits

A Signal legal funding for your FELA lawsuit is one way to get the cash you may need today – cash before your legal claim settles!

As a railroad employee, you're entitled to certain rights, one being a safe workplace, and two, if injured while employed the right to compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering, and the Federal Employer's Liability Act (FELA) gives you those rights. If you're here because you indeed have a railroad injury lawsuit but are having a difficult time paying your bills for whatever reason, we want you to know that the expected settlement from your FELA lawsuit can be used to put cash into your pocket with a legal funding from Signal.

A legal funding for your railroad injury FELA lawsuit is a no-risk transaction where Signal will actually buy a portion of your future settlement – putting that cash in your hands in as little as 24 hours. It is no-risk because if you end up losing your lawsuit you owe Signal nothing, and you get to keep the amount originally provided to you with the legal funding. There is no monthly payment and you only pay us back if you win, and when the lawsuit concludes.

Railroad employees who have been injured on the job know that it can be a very uncertain time with many unanswered questions; do I just rely on the railroad to do the right thing? Do I need to hire an attorney to ensure I am properly represented? If there is a lawsuit, how long will it take before I can receive my benefits? Can I even sue based on my situation?

First, if you're unsure even in the slightest you should likely consult an attorney – one who specializes in "Railroad Injury Law," again also known as FELA lawsuits. Most qualified attorneys will listen to your case free of charge, so talk to a couple to get different opinions. Also, it isn't a bad idea to ask them at that time if they would support a legal funding if you believe you're likely to need cash before your case settles. It is important to ask this question because since the client's attorney is also required to review and sign the legal funding agreement in order to process the transaction, if they won't agree then you will not be able to receive the benefits of the cash prior to your FELA lawsuit settling.

Remember that the Federal Employer's Liability Act of 1908 is a Federal law, and is not subject to state-by-state interpretations. Having said that, to claim compensation in a FELA lawsuit, the railroad the worker is employed by must be involved in interstate commerce, or intrastate freight. In addition, the railroad worker must have suffered their injury due to the negligence of others employed or contracted by the railroad, of caused by faulty equipment, machinery, or even the railroad track itself.

As a victim of a railroad injury, once you've hired an attorney and filed a FELA complaint or lawsuit, feel free to call us at Signal, if you are looking for financial assistance and want to use your future FELA lawsuit settlement to get a portion of that award to use today.

The benefits of a Signal legal funding for your FELA lawsuit are many:

  • Free to apply, and it only takes a minute to complete the application here online or to call us
  • There is no restriction to how you use the money
  • Bad credit doesn't matter
  • No-risk, if you should lose your railroad injury case, then you keep the legal funding and owe Signal nothing.
  • Cash in your pocket in as little as 24 hours from the date of the application
  • No monthly payments, Signal will wait right along with you for your case to settle
  • Low rates
  • Possible additional legal fundings on your case.

Call today to apply, or even if you have additional questions. Call 1-800-635-1167.

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