Jones Act Lawsuit Pre Settlement Legal Funding

Legal Funding for Jones Act Lawsuits

Yes, you can get cash in 24 hours with a legal funding from your Jones Act lawsuit!

Did you know that you can get cash from your Jones Act lawsuit even before the case is done? It’s called a legal funding – think of it as getting an advance on the cash you’re going to receive when your lawsuit settles. You can use the cash for whatever you need – there are no restrictions. Signal can get you the cash often in 24 hours. It’s free to apply, and if you do get a legal funding but then you end up losing your case, you do NOT need to pay Signal back. If you need financial help for whatever reason, and have personal injury lawsuit while employed in the merchant marine industry under the Jones Act, Signal can get you the cash you need.

Working in the Merchant Marine, on cargo or cruise ships, can be a hazardous profession. You know first hand because its likely you or someone you know has suffered an injury as a result of their job in the merchant marine, and now you’re working with a personal injury attorney to try to get the fair legal settlement you’re owed. Your right to sue was established by the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 – often referred to as the Jones Act.

The Jones Act is really an extension of the FELA rights provided to employees of the railway system, with the pertinent provision stating, "Any sailor who shall suffer personal injury in the course of his employment may, at his election, maintain an action for damages at law, with the right to trial by jury, and in such action all statutes of the United States modifying or extending the common-law right or remedy in cases of personal injury to railway employees shall apply..."

It is important to note that the Jones Act is not the same thing as the Death on the High Seas Act which applies to international waters. Nor does it apply to the Longshore Act which applies to harbor and longshore workers.

In any case, getting cash before your lawsuit settles is actually a relatively common practice. A legal funding is one option that is extremely “user-friendly.” Your credit history is not important, and you don’t have to make a monthly payment – you pay Signal back only when you win your case.

Once you complete the application, our funding process is fast with 4 simple steps! And rest assured, we’ll do everything in our power to try to get you the cash you need.

Simply begin by completing the application on this page, or call 1-800-635-1167 to apply now!

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