Legal Funding Attorney Engagement at Signal Funding

3 Easy Steps to legal funding and the cash you need with a pre-settlement lawsuit funding – in 24 hours!

At Signal, the process couldn’t be any easier; we are fast, friendly, and focused.

At Signal Funding we understand your days are full, focused on obtaining the optimal settlement for your clients. Working with legal funding companies can sometimes be disruptive to your practice’s daily rhythm. We get it. That’s why our legal funding and attorney engagement process was specifically designed with you and your practice in mind. Our goal is to enable you to benefit from working with Signal, saving significant time and money through our seamless delivery of services, including:


  • Single point of contact with your assigned Account Team
  • Consistent paperwork with each case so you won’t need to spend time reviewing the language of each Agreement
  • Electronic document delivery, e-Fax, and e-Signature to eliminate paperwork
  • Responsible funding limits, enough to satisfy your client without burdening the case
  • Non-invasive servicing of your account – we won’t call you every 15 days for case updates
  • Non-recourse so if you should lose the case, neither you or your client owes us anything
  • Competitive pricing to ensure your client’s settlement award isn’t left on empty
  • Direct cash disbursement of the legal funding to your client so they don’t have to step into your office and interrupt your day to pick up their money.


Sure, we’re in the business of helping your clients get the legal funding they need, but in doing so you become our customer as well. Our relationship is extremely important to us at Signal Funding.


Our attorney engagement goals are simple: serve your clients, serve you and serve your practice.


If you have a client that needs a pre-settlement cash advance, contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help your client with their immediate financial needs, as well as everything we can to make it easy for you to work with Signal Funding.

Legal Funding Case Servicing That Fits Your Practice.

Your client’s case is of the utmost importance to your client, you as their legal Counsel, and us at Signal Funding. However, even though we are interested in your client’s case, that doesn’t mean we want any involvement in the legal aspects of the case. You are the expert there. Our main interest is taking care of your client, specific to the legal funding for their immediate cash needs. That being said, as part of our Attorney Engagement process, so we can keep informed on your client’s case, we will contact you periodically, what we call “case servicing,” to see how the case is progressing.


Additional aspects of case servicing is settling the client’s account after you win the case, and helping the client receive an additional legal funding if their case warrants it.


So, when we mean “non-invasive” contact, we mean it. Specific to any case, likely the only times you’ll hear from us are for:


  • Case updates
  • Additional legal funding requested by your client

Additional Legal Funding – it isn’t uncommon for a client to contact Signal Funding to see if they can receive an additional legal funding on their case. When that occurs, we will contact you to see if there have been any changes to their case, and confer with you if their case would warrant an addition to their existing lawsuit loan. If you have clients who need an initial pre-settlement funding, please contact us ASAP. We’ll do everything we can to ensure they’re taken care of.


Case Pay-Off – when you win a case, and you’re ready to remit funds from the settlement award to Signal, simply contact us with their case information, and we’ll provide the final purchase amount.


Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!



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