Legal Funding

Legal funding companies are a relatively new concept, with the first lawsuit funding groups developed in the 1980’s. However, in the last 5 years, the industry has seen a boom, with major legal funding groups reviewing upwards of 40,000 applications a month. So, what exactly is legal funding?   What is Legal Funding?    Legal […]

5 FAQs About Legal Funding

A new resource has emerged for plaintiffs and litigants who find themselves financially strained during the legal process through filling fees and other case costs. Legal funding, also known as lawsuit funding, pre-settlement funding or lawsuit cash advance, can be a relief to people who need to pay the bills, feed their family, buy essential […]

Choosing the Right Legal Funding Partner

Legal funding has increased in popularity over the last few years for plaintiffs, contingency attorneys, startups and even multinational firms, as a means to expand cash flow during times of need.   Pre-settlement funding refers to a cash advance on a future settlement award from a pending claim or lawsuit funded by a legal funding […]

A Quick Guide to Know When to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident

Some accidents are minor enough that you can practically brush them off while others are serious enough that you should involve an attorney. The question is, when do you need to bring an attorney into the situation? Know that while you might be reluctant to broach the subject of a lawsuit, you, your health and […]

Myths of Legal Funding

Legal funding has changed over the last couple of decades to emerge as one of the fastest growing financial trends in the US today. However, many financial and legal professionals still remain unfamiliar with the how legal funding works. Some myths come from the early days of legal funding, when there were legitimate issues within […]

7 Helpful Tips to Finding The Right Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence or malicious intent, there is a good chance you have a personal injury case on your hands. Determining your legal situation is best done with the assistance of an experienced attorney who specializes in personal injury cases.

4 Steps to Ensure Your Rights Are Protected After a Car Accident

Most of us sometime in our lives will be involved in a car accident.  If you didn’t cause the accident, but instead were hit by someone else, you deserve to be compensated for the property damages to your vehicle as well as any injuries you may have suffered as a results of the motor vehicle […]

6 Steps to Protect Yourself After You’ve Suffered a Slip and Fall Accident

It always happens unexpectedly, of course. You are in a store or office building lobby and thinking about your task at hand, and suddenly your world is turned upside down and you are on the floor. Almost instantly, you are in severe pain and are trying to figure out what just happened. You may even […]

What Should I Do If I Got Bit By a Neighborhood Dog or Pet?

Most dogs would never hurt a fly. However, other dogs have a history of violent behavior. Some canines with no previous history can snap unexpectedly and bite someone completely out of the blue. It happens more frequently than you probably realize with 4.5 million animal bite cases occurring annually in the United States. A significant portion of […]

Anatomy of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Accidents and injuries can happen anywhere to anyone, on any day and are certainly never planned. While the circumstances that surround each incident will be unique, the way these events are resolved will usually follow one of a few different methods: no action, a settlement, or personal injury lawsuit. Deciding which path to take can […]

How Much Does Legal Funding Really Cost

When you are in need of a legal funding, most often your situation requires cash sooner rather than later and therefore, you may not think you have the time to “shop” for the very best deal.  However, it is important to understand how much a legal funding costs, and how the company you choose is […]

How Much Is Your Pain And Suffering Really Worth?

Those who have been injured in an accident and filed a personal injury lawsuit can attest to the challenges they face with their pursuit of receiving fair compensation for their injuries.

What Should I Do If I Suspect My Parent Has Experienced Negligence in Their Nursing Home?

You took the time to thoroughly screen your parent’s nursing home before placing them in it. But that does not mean you should assume that they are completely safe. Sure, things may look fine on the surface. Every time you visit your parent, he or she is happy to see you and hates to see […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Is Taking So Long

After all, they have done everything right, they have followed their attorney’s instructions and provided all necessary information and releases. Delays can happen at various stages of a personal injury lawsuit, for an assortment of reasons. Understanding these reasons can help you wait patiently or push for action as appropriate depending on the circumstances.   […]

What’s the Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration in Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Taking an injury lawsuit to trial is time consuming and costly. Your lawyer charges a fee for services, but you must also pay court fees, discovery fees, and costs associated with travel and time off work. Trials can take a long time, and even if the judge rules in your favor you may still have […]

How Pre-Existing Conditions And Injuries Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

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What is The Potential For Social Media to Affect Your Personal Injury Case

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What is FELA And What Types of Workplace Injuries Are Covered?

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Does Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit Prohibit Me From Filing For SSDI or SSI Benefits?

When you have suffered a personal injury, it is likely that you are entitled to compensation from the offending party. You may also be eligible for disability benefits of some kind from the Social Security Administration. The maze of regulations is confusing enough as it is. To complicate matters, the settlement award from a personal injury […]

What Is The Difference Between a Mass Tort And a Class Action Lawsuit?

You may have received a notice in the mail mentioning you could be a participant in a class action lawsuit.  Or maybe, you’re already engaged with a lawyer about a legal claim you’re pursuing and they mention that they’re considering your case as part of a mass tort claim.  In either case it can be […]